Bracco Imaging Group

Bracco Imaging Group: Ceriano Laghetto Plant in Italy. Image source:

Bracco Imaging Group: Decades of Providing Quality Diagnostic Imaging Solutions

Bracco Imaging Group was founded in 1927, and has grown into a multinational company with operations in 90 countries of the world.

The Group is a provider of diagnostic imaging solutions to the global market, with a mission to discover, develop, manufacture, and market imaging agents and solutions that provide quality solutions as it relates to efficiency in diagnostic procedures, safety of patients, and affordability.

Over the years, the company has extended its product range through a combination of innovation and acquisition of a number of businesses, including ProHance® (gadoteridol) injection, MultiHance® (gadobenate dimeglumine) injection, 279.3 mg/mL, and 529 mg/mL, which have enabled Bracco to enter the Magnetic Resonance imaging (MRI) business.

It fortified its X-Ray/ Computed Tomography (CT) business and leadership with the acquisition of Isovue® (iopamidol injection).

It entered the Nuclear Medicine market and has taken a top position in the increasingly popular niches, such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Hepatobiliary Imaging, and Cardiology.

In 2008, the company’s portfolio got a boost with the acquisition of E-Z-EM, Inc., a leading manufacturer of contrast media and medical products for gastrointestinal (GI) radiology.

The company has continued to commit enormous resources and efforts to the creation and development of new and innovative products and to providing effective solutions to medical needs.

Bracco bought Swiss Medical Care (SMC) in 2011, and therefore acquired CT Exprès, which added to strengthening its range of automated system products used in administering contrast media.

Other products that were added to Bracco’s product portfolio include EmpowerMR®, EmpowerCTA®, and Nexo.
A year later, precisely on the 17th of December, 2012, the name Swiss Medical Care was changed to Bracco Injeneering S.A., a name that captures a company completely devoted to research and development of the best possible innovative integrated injection solutions.

Bracco Injeneering, which became the new Business Unit of Bracco Imaging presents excellent solutions for modern radiology centers with its injection technology that has been tested and proven.

The company has remained committed to the pursuit of innovative product development in the medical device, data management, and software development sectors.

How Bracco Imaging Group Organizes Its Operation

For efficiency, Bracco Imaging Group has its business organized in such a way that the production, manufacturing, and packaging arms for its products are separated and carried out at different locations.

Its Ceriano Laghetto site in the province of Monza and Brianza, Italy, focuses on the creation of active pharmaceutical materials that are used in producing contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and X-ray/CT procedures.

The company’s plant at Torviscosa, in the province of Udine, Spin, specializes in the production of API used in X-ray contrast media.

The Bracco Imaging Pharmaceutical Sterile Operations, BIPSO, is situated in Singen in Germany, and is focused on producing sterile pharmaceuticals products.

In Switzerland, precisely located in Geneva, is Bracco Suisse SA, which operates research laboratories and a production plant for the development and production of contrast agents for ultrasound procedures.

Also, a plant that focuses on producing contrast media used in Oral Imaging is located in Montreal Canada.

A sterile manufacturing factory is located at TO, Italy. The plant, Colleretto Giacosa, specializes in manufacturing of contrast agents used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging procedures in pre-filled syringes.

It also has chemical support laboratories together with research laboratories.

The Group also has the Bracco Sine manufacturing plant in Pudong, Shanghai in China. It’s a sterile production plant that focuses on meeting the needs of the Chinese market, majoring in producing non-ionic contrast media for use in X-ray.

In Saitama, Japan, is the Bracco Eisai industrial plant that produces mainly non-ionic contrast media for MRI and X-ray for the Japanese market.

Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

Serving the U.S. and the Canadian markets, Bracco Diagnostics Inc. is the American subsidiary of Bracco Imaging.

The company specializes in developing and marketing imaging agents for Nuclear Medicine, X-ray/CT, and MRI procedures in the United States of America, and in Canada.

Bracco Diagnostics is located in Monroe Township, New Jersey with its leading products taking a sizable share of the U.S. market for diagnostic contrast media. The company also develops and market contrast agents for the ultrasound sector.