Jeff-Immelt: GE Makes Donation to Radiology Leadership Institute

Jeff Immelt, Chairman & CEO, GE
GE announced a donation to ACR Foundation in support of RLI’s work in developing future Radiology leaders.
Image credit: GM Company

GE has recently announced a big donation to the American College of Radiology (ACR) Foundation in support of its Radiology Leadership Institute’s (RLI) Leading Radiology into the Future campaign.

According to Jeff Immelt, GE’s Chairman and CEO, who also doubles as honorary chair of the RLI campaign, “GE is proud to support the Radiology Leadership Institute because it impacts both healthcare quality and leadership development globally. The future of radiology depends on not just advanced technology, but empowering the next generation of radiology leaders.”

The Radiology Leadership Institute is one of the world’s premiere training and development centers for the Radiology professionals.

Using Radiology-specific business school model with various interactive and case-based teaching platforms, the college provides thorough leadership training, which enables clinicians to develop and advance their careers, as well as to be adequately prepared for the challenges and developments in the field of Radiology, to be able to give the best service to patients.

Featured Video:

Jeff Immelt, giving a keynote address at the RLI’s inaugural event.