Radiologist Assistant (RA) salary in the United States depends on level of education, years of work experience, area of specialization, location, and type and size of the organization you are working for.

The starting salary for a newly qualified and certified radiologist assistant is around $70,000 to $80,000 annually depending on whether you have a Masters or Bachelors degree.

As you begin to gather experience, your salary will increase. RA with five years experience can expect to earn about $88,000 yearly, while ten years experience can put you on a salary of $97,000. After ten years experience, radiologist assistants pay really starts rising above the national rate.

RA can then expect to earn $105,000 a year. With fifteen years experience, the salary gets to about $112,000 and $120,000 a year at twenty years experience practicing as radiologist assistant.

With increasing demand for radiological services, radiologist assistant’s job and pay will continue to be on the high side as the demand for qualified and certified assistants are required by radiologists.

Generally, RAs salaries are higher in larger cities and states such as Oregon, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, and California (according to the bureau of labor statistics). The pay is also higher in government employment and in diagnostic laboratories.

However, before deciding on where to work, you might have to consider other things than salary, like the cost of living in bigger cities which might affect the net pay significantly.

Radiologist assistants earn higher salaries is justifiable considering the time and the cost of studies to qualify and gain certification to practice. It is also justifiable considering that they perform various technical tasks and procedures as they provide effective support to radiologists.

Some of these tasks include diagnostic imaging and transmission of results to radiologists, urinary catherizations, venipuncture, and sedation.

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